When Cosmetic Dentistry Goes Wrong

Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is your calling card; and everyone wants a perfect smile. This is not just true for the people in the public eye, but the average Joe too. So, one needs to protect your smile. However, sometimes, things don’t go exactly as planned. And without proper research cosmetic dentistry can go wrong.

Here are some things that can happen due to negligence during cosmetic dentistry procedures:

For Dental Implants:Common indicators that can be seen in case of dental implants negligence are :

•    Over-tightening of the dental implant screws having chances of leaving the patient’s jaw permanently damaged, the dental implant becoming irreparable and the tooth missing.

•    Peri-implantitis, where the gum tissue enclosing the dental implant decays and may lead to pain and disfigurement.

•    The dental implants may fail to assimilate with the patient’s bone, causing pain, bleeding, and damage to the bone, although this is rare.

•    Damage to the bone might also happen to cause some gruesome gaps between teeth, which patients should have been suggested of prior to their undergoing surgery.

For Dental Extractions :The outcomes of negligent dental extraction may include:

•    Nerve damage, leading to a loss of dental mobility or sensation

•    Development of an oroantral fistula when the upper teeth are operated on which may necessitate further surgery

•    Wrong tooth removal

•    Removal of too many teeth in a wrong manner

For Root Canals:The root canal negligence factors can include:

•    Fracturing of Root

•    Fracturing from instrument inside the root canal

•    Aperture of the tooth by the instrument

•    Failure to clean, shape or fill the canals suitably

•    Poor quality fillings/crowns

For Gum Disease:Some of the most visible factors leading to a bad gum disease are:

•    Unnecessary loss of teeth

•    Presence of ulcers and permanent holes in the gums

•    Extreme uneasiness in the gums

For Dental Fillings:Some of the most common factors that recognize a dental fillings treatment to go wrong are:

•    Fillings positioned in the wrong teeth by your dentist

•    Continuous, extreme sensitive teeth after the effect of anesthetic havediminished

•    Failure to clean the cavity adequatelyleading to infection

•    Allergic reaction to a metal amalgam (silver) filling

•    Extreme uneasiness following the filling

For Teeth Whitening:The foremost causes of dental teeth whitening negligence can be:

•    The bleaching chemicals used for teeth whitening, may cause the enamel of your teeth to become eroded and cause painful sensitivity.

•    Teeth whitening chemicals such as carbamate peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, and malic acid may react adversely in the mouth, and cause severe chemical burns.

•    The concentrations of bleaching chemicals involved in teeth whitening may cause an over-bleached effect, indicated by extremely bright whitening.

It is the substantial cost of cosmetic dentistry treatments which a patient bears, the failure may lead to a lack of trust on the part of dentist expertise to rely upon for next time treatments. If you find yourself suffering from any of the above symptoms, then call our Cosmetic dentistry experts in Northville and schedule your next procedure.